Guarantee Policy:

Our website deals with assured and effective abortion pills for successful outcome. Yet, to have the best shopping experience our website has a policy called Guarantee policy which is not provided by any other online pharmacy. Read on below for more details;

  1. In case of damaged or inappropriate products delivered by us, you need to inform us with a proper valid request.
  2. If the customer receives any other product apart from which they have ordered then in such cases you may inform us and we may ship your order again accordingly and you need to return us the wrong package delivered. 
  3. If any product is missing from our end then money back guarantee will be applicable or the missing medication will be shipped with no shipping cost.
  4. If your product is delivered at the wrong address then we will resend it to your correct location. However if you have provided us with the wrong address then you will be responsible for it.
  5. If you wish to cancel the order placed then you need to cancel it before 24 hours after the order is placed. Your payment will be transferred to you within 30 days.


Shop with confidence:

Why should you shop with confidence from our website?

Our website is one of the well-known online pharmacy which serves women with best abortion care and facilities apart from ordering the abortion pills. Our website enables our clients privacy and security. No information is shared to anyone it is only recorded for sharing our offers and important updates on abortion. Our website is also safeguarded with an SSL security system so you may not need to worry about any misconduct with your details. So you can shop with confidence with us, without worrying about anything.