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Get Rid Of Undesired Pregnancy Easily With MTP Kit

Abortion is a simple approach to end an unwanted pregnancy, thanks to the different sources available these days. Few of us, however, are concerned about surgical and medicational abortions because of their lack of privacy; yet, with an online MTP kit, this is also made simple and safe.

If you want a safe and quick abortion, the MTP kit is the easy way. This MTP kit includes two types of medications, Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which are effective 98 percent of the time. In this blog, we'll go through how to use an MTP kit correctly and how to Buy MTP Kit online while safeguarding your privacy.

How to use an MTP kit?

What medications are included in the:

MTP kit comprise of Mifepristone and Misoprostol dosage which is as follows:

  • 1 pill of Mifepristone in 200 mg
  • 4 pills of Misoprostol in 800 mcg ( 200 mcg each)


You must take Mifepristone and Misoprostol separately for this medication abortion, which is available in an online MTP kit.

Step 1: Take a pill called Mifepristone orally with a glass of water, swallowing the pill whole. Mifepristone works by preventing the body's natural progesterone hormone, which stops a pregnancy from growing. The pill may take up to 48 hours to take effect, which may lead you to experience spotting or bleeding.

Note: Contact your doctor or take another pill if you vomit within 30 minutes after taking the pill.


Step 2: After the period of 48 hours, You must take Misoprostol pills vaginally. Misoprostol causes severe discomfort and bleeding to empty your womb. Try to avoid doing any hard lifting after taking this pill and rest as much as you can after undergoing severe stomach pain as a result of an abortion.

One of the best things about buying an online MTP kit is that it is hassle-free and convenient that you can have this medication abortion at home or at any comfortable place you want which sounds perfect for your privacy.

Note: If you miss out on taking any pill, please consider contacting your doctor.


What are the common side effects of the abortion pill?

Even though it is simple to buy abortion pill online and use it safely, this medical abortion has some side effects. The following are common side effects of taking an abortion pill:



Cramping is a good sign since it shows that your abortion medications are working right away. Avoid using aspirin or other pain killers if you have severe cramping since they may induce excessive bleeding and severe cramping.

Please contact our customer service person or your doctor if you're getting severe cramps or need help.


Vaginal bleeding:

Vaginal bleeding is a common side effect of the abortion pill, just like cramps. Because your womb is flushing away, vaginal bleeding might be heavier than regular monthly flow. In this case, you should use a sanitary pad more often. To have a safe abortion, avoid using ordinary tampons or menstrual cups.

If your vaginal bleeding lasts for an extended period of time or is excessively heavy, you should seek medical advice.


Other side effects:

After taking both Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills you may undergo some additional side effects such as:

  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea

However, if the above side effects last too long, then it is a sign of seriousness that you might need to consult or take advice from your doctor.


How to Buy MTP Kit online?

The abortion pills in the MTP kit are very effective as compared to other abortion pills. With our online pharmacy deals, you will only get 100% genuine and FDA-approved pills. If you don’t know how to use an abortion pill as a self-managed abortion, don't worry, our customer support person, is always there for you. You can Buy MTP Kit online from our website at an affordable price. 

September 11, 2022